4 Step Coaching Process

4 Step Coaching Process that Gets Results [+ Video]

There are many coaching models, frameworks, and concepts that coaches can use when working with clients. However, to get clients results, there is a 4-step coaching process that must be included. In this post, I will share the 4 coaching steps to implement in your next session. You may watch the video or continue to read the post below.

What are the 4 steps of coaching?

Step 1 – Prepare

Preparation is essential for success for each coaching session. Preparing for the session ensures that the time together is maximized for both the client and the coach. 

Preparation for the Coach

The coach should prepare by gathering all the information about the client. The coach must have a clear understanding of the client and the client’s goals. Therefore, the coach will need to review notes, assessments, and action plans from the previous session. 

Next, the coach will need to get into the zone of coaching. Getting into the zone means clearing your mind so that you can be fully present. It’s normal to have things going on in our personal lives, but coaches must learn to step away and be present when it’s time to coach. Some coaches like to practice mindfulness or meditation techniques. Studies have shown that coaching practice of the coach can be enhanced through using mindfulness as a preparation tool (Passmore, 2007). 

Preparation for the Client

The client must prepare, as well. The client must have an understanding of what coaching is and how coaching can help them. The client must understand that coaching is not therapy. And the client must be prepared to take action. More importantly, being prepared means the client should be coachable. The client must be ready, willing, and able to do the work they set out to do. 

The client should be prepared to discuss action steps, obstacles that got in the way, and how to move forward. 

Preparation Within the Coaching Session

There’s also preparation within the coaching session. Preparation within the session means creating a safe environment, building rapport, and establishing trust with the client during the coaching session. 

Step 2 – Analyze & Explore

After building rapport and establishing trust with the client, the second step of the coaching process is to analyze and explore. Analyze and explore the situation to have an understanding of how to help the client best. Coaches do not analyze clients in a therapeutic format to diagnose. Coaches analyze to move the client forward. The coach will take time to learn about the goal and review the client’s progress. The coach will also discover any obstacles, internal conversations, behaviors, or emotions keeping the client stuck.


  • analyze the situation
  • analyze the challenge
  • analyze the problem
  • discover the goal
  • learn more about the goal
  • discover the issue surrounding the goal
  • discover what’s holding the client back 
  • discover what’s keeping them stuck

what are the 4 steps of coaching infographic


Step 3 – Coach

After analyzing the situation, it’s time to coach the client through the process. Coaching is where most of the conversation and transformation take place. Coaches must use purposeful and powerful questions, coaching tools, coaching techniques, feedback, and teaching concepts to get their clients results. 

Step 4 – Act

Before the coaching conversation ends, the coach should set the client up for success by working with them to take action. For this step, it’s important to leave 10-15 minutes open before the session ends.

Act is done by:

  • assisting clients in creating an action plan
  • setting milestones and goals
  • identifying roadblocks that might get in the way
  • hold clients accountable
  • ensuring they have the tools needed to act

When a coach uses this 4 step coaching process in their coaching sessions, they will have more effective coaching sessions, drive client results, and foster change. 

Now that you have an understanding of how to conduct your coaching sessions, go access our coaching plan template and use it in conjunction with the 4 step coaching process. This template will make the coaching process easier.


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