Coaching Models

Democratic Coaching Model

Universal Coach Institute teaches a Democratic Coaching Model. Democratic coaching invites the client to participate in the coaching process by encouraging them to adopt a ‘self-coaching’ attitude. The coach’s role in the democratic approach is to outline the overall objectives but allow the client to suggest how he or she might reach them.

The democratic coaching style encourages:

  • introspection
  • a sense of accountability
  • a sense of self-control
  • a sense of freedom
  • good decision-making skills that can be applied to everyday life.

Along with Democratic Coaching UCI teaches Solution-Focused Coaching.

Solution-Focused Coaching Model

Solution-focused coaching is concerned with what a client wants to achieve in the end. The coach will question a client about their goal in order to clarify his or her vision. What is it they really want? How are they going to get there? What happens once they do get there?

Solution-focused coaching encourages:

  • introspection
  • self-evaluation
  • clear goal setting
  • a richer understanding of one’s own unique path in life or business.