Ivy Lockett

Ivy Revined Coach

Coach Trainer, Mentor Coach

Ivy “Revined” Lockett

Ivy “ReVined” Lockett is a Certified Codependency Recovery Coach (CCRC), Life Coach (CLC), Relationship Coach (CRC), and Solution-Focused Coach (CSFC).

She is also a Spoken Word Artist and Motivational Speaker from Jamaica New York.

Ivy’s journey started in a very dark apartment at the innocent age of 16, when she was convinced to leave home and move in with her sociopathic boyfriend. It was then when she was introduced to the ugly face of domestic violence.

After 15 grueling and disappointing years filled with abuse both verbal and physical, she walked away with the 3 children born within that union. She immediately started a committed road to self-healing and self-actualization.

Ivy soon realized that she could transform her self-discovery and victory into words of art. That art was poetry and it wasn’t long before she was winning awards and landing features for spoken word and motivational speeches all over New York.

Ivy realized that her gift of words will give her the strength to counsel and heal women with the same past as herself. Ivy has performed her art of spoken word in some of the unlikeliest of places as domestic violence shelters, New York City Train stations, Massage Shops and Beauty Salons in just about every City in New York, with people willing to hear a woman passionately express the journey of survival. 

However, there was something missing and Ivy realized there was a piece to her journey that will not be fulfilled unless she digs deeper and finds out the reasons why she tends to gravitate towards self-sabotaging behavior and unsatisfying relationships.

She partner-shipped with a great therapist and loyal friends and soon found out that she suffered from Codependency. She was determined not to let this revelation define her. She took all the necessary steps to recovery and soon found herself graduated from UCI “University Coach Institute” and excited about helping women with recovering from Codependency.

Today, she stands as a witness to multiple success stories with her clients and her work has cemented her identity as a woman that most women can trust and confide in. A journey in which she describes as a beautiful road from a place in which she once didn’t believe in herself.