Become a UCI Licensed Coach Trainer™

This program is currently closed.

If you would like to start your own coach training school, please see our new mentor program.

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UCI Licensed Coach Trainers are trained to train individuals to become coaches under Universal Coach Institute, through live or live web/teleclass training.


  • No need to worry about setting up your own school. Your students will have access to UCI’s student center including all home study programs and all of it’s materials.
  • You will have exclusive territory within any city for your live coach training dates.
  • Your training will have Continuing Coach Education (CCE) Accreditation through the International Coach Federation (ICF).


UCI Provides:

  • Certification and Transcript
  • Student Center
  • Library
  • Tools and Forms
  • Coaching Business Starter Course
  • Universal Coaches Community
  • Coach Business Forum
  • Support for Trainers
  • Online Marketing

Your Responsibilities:

Train students in live classes (live or live web & teleclass)
Provide support for your students
Keep accurate records
Assure each training participant has new materials provided by UCI
Assure evaluations are completed
Process certificates & certifications with UCI
Quarterly reports

To maintain quality and to ensure the “Industry Certification Standard” is being met, Universal Coach Institute maintains the role of the certification body.

All Licensed Trainers have access to UCI’s Training Center, new training materials, and the ability to train others or in some circumstances to work in partnership with UCI. The license and the trainer materials belong to the UCI’s Licensed Coach Trainer and may use it to train individuals or individuals within companies.

Training You Can Provide:

  • Your license will allow you to have live or live web/teleclass training in areas that you are certified in through UCI.
  • You can offer your students any home study programs that UCI offers and get 50% commission.

Pre-requisites: UCI Certified Coach for each niche you train in.

Requirements to become a UCI Licensed Coach Trainer™:

  • Successful completion of the UCI Licensed Coach Trainer™ “Train the Trainer” live online course
  • Sign the License Trainer Agreement
  • Meet with the Mentor Coach a minimum of 4 sessions during the first trainer year.

Requirements to maintain the UCI Licensed Coach Trainer™ Status:

  • Work with a the Mentor Coach a minimum of 4 sessions a year.
  • Trainer Certification renewal is every year.
  • 10 UCI coach training contact hours are required per year
  • Facilitation or co-facilitation of one training per year (unless otherwise arranged)

Learning Objectives:
Participants will demonstrate knowledge of Adult Learning and its affects on educational formats
Participants will demonstrate knowledge of group dynamics as it applies to the educational process
Participants will demonstrate the ability to successfully facilitate a group
Participants will demonstrate the knowledge of and the ability to teach coaching skills and competencies
Participants will demonstrate the knowledge of and the ability to teach the coaching methodology

What To Expect

During Training You Will Learn:

  • Learn how to start a business
  • Learn how to set up your coach training company
  • Learn how to package your training
  • Learn how to set up your website
  • Become familiar with Universal Coach Institute as an organization
  • Become familiar with the different curriculum formats and delivery methods
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to teach UCI’s coach materials, and tool usage
  • Understand the ethics and liabilities of coaching and teaching
  • Gain knowledge of UCI’s coach certification process
  • Learn how to facilitate and keep students engaged
  • Learn how to integrate deeper knowledge into the curriculum and tailor the content to your audience
  • Understand the responsibilities of a UCI Licensed Coach Trainer™
  • Learn how to teach the UCI’s Coach Training certification curriculum
  • Practice facilitation skills to master tone, field questions, facilitate exercises, and establish a safe/comfortable environment for participants.
  • Develop a professional coach training plan and identify areas of growth as a trainer.
  • Learn and develop a marketing plan

UCI Licensed Coach Trainer™ “Train the Trainer” Live Online Course