Codependency Recovery Coach Certification Online

Become a Certified Codependency Recovery Coach

What is codependency?
Codependency is a behavioral condition in a relationship where one person enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. Among the core characteristics of codependency is an excessive reliance on other people for approval and a sense of identity. ~wikipedia

Codependency Coach Training
In this class, you will focus on how to coach individuals who may or may not otherwise portray signs of codependency, utilizing transformation tools, evidence-based coaching methods that have already been established in the field by professionals.


  • Understanding of codependency
  • Coaching the Active Codependent
  • Coaching the Passive Codependent
  • Identifying the cover-up
  • Identifying what they desire
  • Redirecting the victimizing talk behavior
  • Encouraging a forward conversation
  • Understanding when it’s outside of the coach’s scope
  • How to teach the client to recognize their triggers
  • Listening for deep-seated wounds
  • When to recommend therapy
  • Listening for the clients need to control
  • Understanding how L.R.C. works in a client
  • Starting the process of eliminating L.R.C.
  • The 10 step Coaching Tools on how to help a client give up the need to control.
  • Helping the client find a new purpose
  • Listening for positive words and speech and when to seize the opportunity to for goal setting
  • Identify excuse patterns
  • Excuses vs. Procrastination vs. Fear
  • Taking an emotional inventory with the client
  • Good vs. Bad emotional baggage
  • Helping the client identify feelings they can use towards their recovery
  • Developing a new set of principals
  • Identify if the client is feeling better and may not require additional sessions
  • Helping clients when they lose steam
  • Setting Boundaries
  • What to do when a client is nearing the recovery stage and a trigger occurs
  • How to Coach a client who is currently being manipulated by their L.R.C.
  • How to Coach a client is a Domestic Violence Relationship
  • Practicing the Art of Being Okay
  • Entering New Relationships

Access to the Student Center

  • Master Coaching Business Program – Business Building Program
  • Tools, Forms, and Exercises
  • Library packed with books, audios, and videos
  • Community of Coaches
  • Coach Starter Kit

Client Agreement Form
Policies and Procedures Form
Background Questionnaire Form
Sample Welcome Letter
Individual Coaching Plan Form
Goal Setting and Action Planning Form
Marketing Survey
Payment Letters

  • Master Coaching Business Plan Simple Template
  • Life Coach Marketing Plan Prep
  • A Bundle of Tools, ie.

Life Satisfaction Rating Table
Identifying and Creating Your Self Concept
Creating a Strong Foundation and Much More.

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