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Life Coach Certification Online Training

Getting your Life Coach Certification online has never been more convenient. The Universal Coach Institute offers this opportunity. 

This will be a life-fulfilling and career-changing opportunity for you!

Coaching is a billion-dollar industry. Globally, the coaching industry employs over 100,000 people. The 2023 ICF Global study reports that the coaching industry has increased 54% since 2019.

The coaching industry will keep growing as people seek help and motivation in various areas of life. These areas include career, work-life balance, finance, relationships, and health.

The Universal Coach Institute is dedicated to meeting this demand.

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We provide advanced coach training, tools, and techniques to help coaches and their clients achieve personal growth and success.

Our online training programs are easy to follow, comprehensive, and fun. They ensure an engaging learning experience.

“I truly enjoyed my Life Coach and Transformational Coach Training online programs with Universal Coach Institute. They made the online training very easy to follow and absorb. They had complete information and made the training a lot of fun in terms of its structure and content. I recommend UCI to anyone looking for thorough coach training, business building techniques and resources, home study coaching courses, and life coach certification.”

– Jade Le CLC, CTC Los Angeles, CA,


What you will learn:

In UCI’s Life Coach Certification online program, you will learn how to:

  • Work with clients to support their personal growth and set goals for success.
  • Conduct empowering coaching sessions that create awareness and motivation.
  • Help clients take control of their lives using coaching tools and techniques.
  • Help clients overcome fears and achieve balance.
  • Start, run, and grow your own life coaching business from scratch.


Through our training, you can help others transition from where they are now to where they want to be.
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Our program is excellent for you if you want:

  • Comprehensive training
  • A well-rounded, eclectic approach
  • Multiple certifications from one program
  • Experiential learning
  • 10 ICF hours from our Solution-Focused Coach Training course.
  • Feedback and interaction with an instructor and other students
  • Everything in one place to start, run, and grow your business
  • Ongoing support


Upon successful completion, you will be a:

  •  Certified Life Coach (CLC)
  •  Certified Solution-Focused Coach (CSFC)


What will I be able to do as a life coach?

As a Certified Life Coach, you’ll have endless opportunities, including:

  • Start your own coaching business.
  • Conduct one-on-one and group coaching sessions.
  • Offer seminars, workshops, webinars, and teleconferences.
  • Write books on coaching and personal development.
  • Collaborate with wellness centers, counselors, therapists, and employee assistance programs.
  • Contract with organizations to coach their employees.
  • Specialize in niche areas like self-esteem, passion, empowerment, and more.


Why should you get a life coach certification?

  1. The coaching industry is growing. The 2023 ICF Global Coaching Study found that the estimated global revenue from coaching is $4.5 billion U.S. dollars annually.
  2. Coaching is making an impact on individual’s lives. “The study shows that people everywhere are turning to professional coaching for the positive difference it can make in their lives and communities,” said ICF President and Master Certified Coach Janet M. Harvey.
  3. According to the ICF Global Consumer Awareness Survey, 83% of coachees with past coaching experience found certification necessary. They believed their coach needed to be certified. 76% of coachees without previous coaching experience thought their coach required certification.


The ICF Global Client Survey showed improvement in various areas of an individual’s life.

Those who received coaching saw the following percentage increase:

  • Self-Esteem 80%
  • Relationships 73%
  • Work/Life Balance 67%
  • Wellness 63%


How much does a life coach make with certification?

The average salary of a life coach in North America as of 2023 is $67,800.

The average global life coach salary is $52,800.

Life coaches can make more than $100K per year. They achieve this by offering one-on-one coaching and group coaching. Additionally, they provide courses and consistently market their services.

Learn more about the Life Coach Certification online training.