Coach of the Month 2019


June 2019

Mernice Oliver life coach business coach
Mernice Oliver
Certified Life Coach,
Certified Transformational Coach,
Certified Business Coach

Mernice Oliver, affectionately known as “Coach MO”  received certifications from UCI in 2015 and 2016. She was also a guest speaker on UCI’s Resolve to Reclaim summit.

She went on and became the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for Advancement of Women In Insurance (NAAWI). After working in the corporate insurance sector for over 20 years, she created at her kitchen table what is now a national professional development organization offering private coaching and consulting for multi-cultural women leaders in the insurance industry. 

NAAWI offers both online leadership training and live networking opportunities created with a primary focus of building and supporting women leaders inside the insurance industry.

Coach MO and her team of experts have collectively helped hundreds of busy entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals to grow stronger businesses, develop leadership skills, staff training & development and strengthened marketing & sales initiatives to build and create a life and businesses that they love. Coach MO’s signature program, “Mastering the Chaos in Your Agency” helps new and existing insurance professionals gain clarity, lean in to their God given abilities, rise above the chaos and build profitable agencies. 

She was named to Rural Magazines 50 Under 50, “Game Changer” in Leadership in 2017. In 2012, Coach MO was selected by Berean Christian Church Gwinnett to lead the prestigious entrepreneurship and business ministry where she served as the leading chair for 4 years. She has served as Vice President on the board of F.A.C.E (Forces Against Child Endangerment) a national initiative to combat child sex trafficking and abuse. 

Coach MO has spoken to companies, conferences, associations, and college and high school students with her inspirational message of life after chaos. Coach MO has been featured in media outlets such as: Essence Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine, and Black Enterprise Magazine.

Coach MO shared “I feel so honored and blessed to be able to serve, inspire and motivate women all over the world to create the lives they deserve to live!” 

Coach MO’s Motto is: “All great change is preceded by chaos!” Deepak Chopra

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May 2019

Susi Käufer - Coach of the Month
Susi Käufer
Certified Life Coach,
Certified Solution-Focused Coach,
Certified Transformational Coach,
Certified Mindset Coach
and Online Business Coach

Susi helps service-based Biz Babes who are DRIVEN as f*ck and KNOW what their soul-calling is, to grow their audience and their confidence so they can live fully location independent and travel the world whilst making an impact AND lots of money.

Susi was certified by UCI in 2016. She was a guest speaker on UCI’s Resolve to Reclaim summit for 2 years in a row and she is one of UCI’s biggest supporters.

Susi has been traveling the world as a Digital Nomad since 2014. She is currently on her second round the world trip and has been to 19 countries during the last couple of months.

“If someone would have told me I can do this whilst scaling my coaching business to 6-figures from the beach, I wouldn’t have believed them. You can work from anywhere, whenever you want. Total freedom.”

~ Susi

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