Coaching Conversations for Businesses

Learn How to Coach and Help Employees Achieve their Full Potential

Who’s This Training For? Managers, Supervisors, Leaders, Coaches

Length of Class: 4 Hours

Delivery: Web/Teleclass or Live

A good coach can be described as an “expert questioner,” with the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and respond to the needs of the individual being coached. Discover how to build your coaching expertise with this half-day program (4 classroom training hours) designed to address coaching for improving performance in specific areas, as well as in the larger scope of career development.

This training will help you establish the context of a situation and lead a series of coaching conversations that make the individual responsible for proactively defining goals and becoming accountable to their commitments. You will understand how the various aspects of coaching conversations (such as defining the opportunity or problem, analyzing options, and developing an action plan) can motivate and support individuals to help them successfully meet their goals.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the four steps of a coaching session and how they are applied in various contexts
  • Recognize the correct application of inquiry and advocacy in a coaching session
  • Apply basic coaching techniques to coaching for:
  • Performance improvement
  • Career development
  • Training for specific skills
  • Coaching a business team

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