Executive Coaching Certification (CEC)

Executive Coaching Certification (CEC) – 60 Hour Program (Qualifies as ICF coach-specific hours)

Receive an Executive Coaching Certification and become s Certified Executive Coach (CEC).

An Executive Coach is someone who builds an executive’s capability to achieve short and long terms leadership and organizational goals. Executive coaching is conducted through experiential one-on-one and/or group interactions in a partnership between the organization, the executive, and the executive coach.

Situations for Executive Coaching:

  • Transition to new role.
  • Helping a valued executive with a specific performance problem to make necessary, often difficult, behavior changes.
  • Fast-track “High Potentials” with a focus on leadership skills.
  • A confident, sounding board, or devil’s advocate is needed.

When you receive your Executive Coaching Certification to become a Certified Executive Coach  (CEC) with UCI you will simultaneously become a Certified Coach and have the option of applying for the Associate Certified Coach through the ICF.  UCI will provide you with a transcript.