Program Questions

Which program should I take?

If you are interested in a self-paced program and only want to learn how to coach, you should take the Life Coach Training Program.

If you are interested in a self-paced program and want to learn how to coach, in addition to delving deeper into transformation and personal development, you should take the Life and Transformation Coach Training Program.

If you are interested in a self-paced program and want to learn how to coach and in addition you want to become certified in other niche areas that we do not provide training for, you should take the Life and Niche Coach Training Program.

Tell me more about the home study program?

All of UCI’s home study programs include the Coach Training and Solution-Focused Coach Training.

Unlimited access to your course.

There is a 1-year limited membership to the resources, tools, etc. in the student center.

How do I complete the program?

In order to pass the program, you must complete the Coach Training Foundation Course or the Solution Focused Foundation Course.

Completing the Coach Training Foundation Course will allow you to become a Certified Life Coach.

Completing the Solution Focused Foundation Course will allow you to become a Certified Life Coach and Certified Solution Focused Coach simultaneously.

To complete the course you must complete all assignments and submit an audio of a 30-60 minute coaching session between you and someone else, client, family, friend, etc. You will learn how to conduct a coaching session in the training.

Once you have completed the above you can continue with the other trainings and become certified in as many niches available in the student center based on the requirements.

How long is the home study program?

The home study program is self-paced and can be completed in as a little as a couple of days, to as long as your time desires.

The programs consist of audios and notes.

Approximate audio hours

Coach Training Foundation Course (5 hours of audios/videos)

Solution Focused Foundation Course (10 hours of audios/videos)

Will I receive certification after I complete the program?

Yes, we will send you a soft copy, hard copy, and digital badges for your promotional materials.

What do your certificates look like?

Below, you will see the soft copy certificate. The hard copy has a different design.

Please view the certificate here.

Is there an additional cost for certification?

USA students are allowed hard copies for the first mailing that goes out at no additional cost.
Additional or replacement hard copies cost $5.00.
Additional postage and print *$10.00.

International students outside the USA are allowed hard copies. There is a postage fee of $15 that does not include tracking. Tracking cost up to $90 with Fed-Ex. This cost depends on your location.

All students are also allowed unlimited soft copies.

I’ve been looking into other coach training programs, why is this one low cost?

I think the real question is, why are other programs so expensive?

Ayisha Amatullah, the founder of Universal Coach Institute, struggled to find an affordable quality program when she wanted to become certified. Many of her peers had the same problem as well. This forced her to create a quality and affordable program for those in need of it.

We price our programs according to what we need to charge in order to be a profitable company, provide a quality level of service that we believe YOU ALL deserve, while also keeping the price point accessible to our audience.

We can’t promise it will always be at the low price it currently is, but for now, it’s a price that works for us and works for our students.00000


ICF & Accreditation Questions

Is this program approved by the ICF?

ONLY  UCI’s live online class coach training programs are approved by the ICF to be used for coach-specific hours and are approved as a CCE. UCI does not currently have any live online trainings open for registration until 2022.


Do I need to have ICF credentials to become a coach?

No. The coaching industry is not a regulated industry. There is no official certification or license for you to become a professional coach (life coach, business coach etc.)  in the USA!  There are many educational programs like UCI that may give you a “certificate of completion”. This means that you have been trained as a coach and have successfully completed a training program. Training and certification allow you to be credible to clients.

Do clients check to see if I am ICF accredited?

Clients generally do not know who the ICF is and what they do. Clients are most often only concerned that you are trained and certified.

However, if you are seeking employment with large corporations they often look for ICF accredited coaches when hiring (they have generally been advised by coaches to do this.)

How much power does the ICF hold?

The ICF is a self-imposed organization that attempts to govern and regulate coaching. Although legally they have no power to do this, within the coaching profession they are viewed as the strongest of organizations.

Keep in mind that over 95% of clients will not have heard of the ICF and thus care more about certification titles and training then governing bodies.



If you have additional questions you can contact us here.