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Airial W. Dandridge

CSFLC, CLC, CVDC Solution Centered CoachingLife Coach, Military Transition & Reintegration
Work Junction City KS Work Phone: 7853405184 Website:


Airial W. Dandridge (aka Airial Re’nal) is a Certified Life Coach who aids women veterans during the transition period from soldier to civilian. She empowers them to go from discouraged with no clear plan for life to passionate with a concrete plan for their future. She teaches them how to incorporate their military experience to live a fulfilling life as a civilian both personally and professionally. Specifically, she guides women who do not fit within the mold of a traditional 9-5 job or stay-at-home mom role after transitioning into civilian life. Airial is able to help these women create the life of their dreams by establishing clear goals, uncovering motivation, and creating action plans to design a life they love. Airial has a coaching style that is solution-focused, transformational and comprehensive. Her passion is to help others unveil the hope that has been hidden by anxiety, depression and PTSD and help find passion, purpose and pleasure in life.

Airial served active duty in the United States Army for 12 years. She served as a Multimedia Illustrator (25M), Information Systems Analyst (25B) and special duties as an Equal Opportunity representative and Sexual Assault/Harassment Response & Prevention (SHARP) advocate. Airial has personally experienced domestic violence, sexual harassment and military sexual assault along with advocating for others who have experienced these issues. She undoubtedly understands first-hand the trauma and transitioning woes women experience during and after their service.

During her last few years of service, she experienced an emotional breakdown. She felt as if she was not serving her purpose, trapped in a world that others created for her, and a huge void was lingering that she could not figure out how to fill. But after working with a coach of her own, digging deep, and taking time for herself, she has been able to reignite her passion in life, rejuvenate her mind and body, and push towards the future with a clear mind and purpose.

Airial is a Certified Solution-Focused Life Coach through Universal Coach Institute and a Certified Veteran Development Coach (CVDC) through BlueRio Strategies & Hawkeye Collaborative. She is working towards her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling specializing in Life Coaching at Liberty University.