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Anna Maria Fardella CLC - Find a Coach

Anna Maria Fardella, CLC

Life Coach
Work Alexandria VA Website:


“I am a life-coach, NLP Practitioner and a Business Psychologist. I am originally from Poznan (Poland), I lived 6 years in Italy and at the moment I live in Washington DC.In DC I attend courses, I meet with other coaches and NLP practitioners. I have been working as a life-coach since 2007. It is not only my job, it is one of my greatest passions. I work with people of all nationalities. My language skills allow me to work in several languages: Polish, English, Italian and Spanish. Thanks to my education and experience also as a teacher , I guarantee top quality sessions and effects (provided the client’s involvement in coaching process).
Among my clients you can find:
people who search motivation
people who look for a job of their dreams
people with relationship problems
people who want to learn a foreign language
people who just want to change their life

Working with me you will:
achieve your goals
make your dreams come true
discover your inner-self
enhance your motivation
live a happy life”