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Latonia Price

Faith Coach, Christian Author, and Empowerment Speaker Latonia Price, LLC
Work Indianapolis IN Cell Phone: (317) 985-0391 Website: Latonia Price, LLC


As a result of working with me, Christian women are more determined and empowered to personalize their faith by fearlessly accomplishing their goals! With increased self-awareness, discovering their spiritual gifts, and developing a powerful plan of action, they experience excitement and confidence to unleash their supernatural abilities for unlimited possibilities!

These amazing women are individuals who are ready to move forward, understand their past is not meant to be a barrier to progression, and despite their imperfections they are full-equipped and capable of accomplishing all that God has assigned to their life.

The special features of this business includes:

  • Providing a safe place to be vulnerable (a community of grace).
  • Personal understanding about being broken but being whole with God’s glory.
  • Discovering and confirming spiritual gifts from God to accomplish greater.

My primary goals includes providing coaching services that involves:

  • Facing life challenges without fear and coming out as an overcomer.
  • Pouring into individuals who needs a partner to help walk out their purpose.
  • Utilizing my spiritual gifts to be a spiritual counselor.

With faith coaching, women benefits from a Christian foundation of values and standards. These values and standards are not based on man-made opinions, stereotypes, and false assumptions. These spiritual standards are not limited or limiting. They provide access to a level of freedom that allows you to be you. To see yourself as God sees you.