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Marissa Russell - Find a Coach

Marissa Russell

Certified Life Coach, Certified Solution-Focused Coach, Certified Transformational Coach The High Achieving Woman
Website: The High Achieving Woman


Are you…

  • A high-achieving career woman longing for fulfillment beyond your professional achievements?
  • Feeling like you aren’t living a well-rounded life?
  • Struggling to find an identity beyond what you do for a living?
  • Fearing that you are limiting your happiness by only focusing on work?
  • Ready to start enjoying the life you have worked so hard for?

If so, I am the coach for you!

The importance of a life beyond career

We are whole beings and need all aspects of our lives to be nourished in order to thrive. The benefits of nourishing your personal life and not just your professional life are:

  • less susceptibility to burnout from work responsibilities
  • increased productivity
  • stronger family bonds
  • boosted self-esteem from seeing that you can achieve excellence in areas beyond work
  • heightened creativity
  • the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor

My role as your coach

As your coach, my entire career is dedicated to supporting your journey to success. In our work together, I will help you:

  • create specific and realistic goals
  • expose any insidious habits that are sabotaging your success
  • find creative ways to make time for activities that you are passionate about
  • create firm boundaries to prevent work from dominating your life
  • construct action plans that address both obstacles and opportunities
  • stay accountable

in order to effectively achieve your goals. I look forward to the results that we will co-create in your life!