Life Coach Training and Certification (Live Online) – 60 ICF Hours

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ICF hours: Earn 60 coach-specific training hours for use with International Coach Federation (ICF), Associate Certified Coach (ACC) personal accrediting portfolio applications.

Please note that although we do our best to make sure we are up to date on all International Coach Federation (ICF) policies regarding accrediting and approval (personal and for training organizations) we cannot be held responsible if they change their policies. To check the current policies visit the ICF website at

Next Class:
April 1 – 30, 2019
4 Weeks

Certification Upon Graduation:

  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Transformational Coach
  • Certified Solution Focused Coach

This program is for you if you:

  • Want to get your credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF) -or-
  • Renew your credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF) -or-
  • Want to receive a quality interactive coaching program with the instructor and peer support

Program topics: Through your lessons, you will learn information pertaining to all areas of coaching: Goal attainment, life change, business, and marketing. You can ask as many questions as you want. You will also learn secrets of how to coach, how to get clients, how to market yourself, how to create a dynamic website and how much to charge clients.

Benefits to this program:

  • Earn 60 coach specific training hours for the ICF’s ACC credential
  • Earn 48 CCE hours for ICF’s credential renewal
  • Earn your coach certification.
  • Learn in a supportive environment with student-teacher interaction
  • Complete is 4 1/2 weeks
  • Become connected to a network of coaches.


Foundation Course

(ICF Core Competencies)

The Coach Training Foundation Course teaches you the basics of coaching. It includes three modules. The Introduction to Coaching, Coaching Skills and Coaching (learning how to conduct a coaching session). Students will learn a basic and effective coaching model that will help clients get from where they are now to where they want to be.  At the end of this coach training course, students will be able to coach individuals in life, business, relationships, health and wellness and many more.

Introduction to Coaching

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Understanding the ICF
  • Getting Started as a Coach
  • Being Ethical and Professional while Coaching

Coaching Skills

  • Using Questions in Coaching
  • Listening, Acknowledging, and Empowering
  • Goal Attainment
  • Action Planning


  • Preparation for the Coaching Session
  • How to Conduct a First Free Session and Win Clients
  • How to Run an Effective Coaching Session Using UCI’s Basic Coaching Model
  • Helping Your Clients to Succeed
  • What To Do After the Coaching Ends
  • Using Tests and Assessments in Coaching
  • How to Group Coach
  • Conducting Seminars and Workshops

Solution-Focused Coach Training

An evidence-based model that is used by many therapists to help their clients solve problems. Learn how to use this model successfully in a coaching environment and with any niche. Help Your Client’s Solve Their Deepest Problems By Focusing On The Solution, Not The Problem. Learn UCI’s 10-Step Solution-Focused Coaching Model!

  • How to Run an Effective Solution-Focused Coaching Session
  • How to Focus on the Solution and Not the Problem, Even When the Problem Is Prevalent
  • How to Effectively Use the Future Perfect to Discover What the Client Really Wants
  • How to Identify the Solutions, Even When It’s Not Obvious to the Client Solution-Focused Goal Setting
  • Solution-Focused Action Planning
  • How to Increase Your Client’s Commitment to the Goal
  • How to Identify and Overcome Roadblocks Your Client May Have
  • How to Conduct Follow-up Sessions

Transformational Coach Training

Help Your Client’s Achieve Success and Transform Their Lives Using Coach Ayisha’s Transfomation Coaching Model

  • Introduction to Transformational Coaching
  • Coach Clients to Obtain Positive Outcomes
  • Discovering What Your Client Really Wants
  • Limiting Beliefs – “Expelling Limiting Beliefs and Creating New Empowering Beliefs”
  • Self Esteem – “Coaching Clients to Build Their Self-Esteem”
  • Strengths – “The Art of Working with Strengths to Achieve Success”
  • Personal Interests – “The Art of Working with Personal Interests to Achieve Success”
  • Values – “The Art of Working with Values to Achieve Success”
  • Purpose – “Coaching Clients to Discover Purpose in Life and Live Life to the Fullest”
  • Passion – “Coaching Clients to Discover Their Passion and Live Their Dreams”
  • Emotions – “Getting Negative Emotions (e.g. Anxiety, Anger, Fear, etc.) Under Control Once and for All.”
  • Happiness – “Coaching Clients to Increase Their Happiness for the Long Term”
  • Coaching Clients to Quit Bad Habits and Get Rid of Undesirable Behaviors

Next Class:

April 1 – 30, 2019
4 1/2 Weeks

Monday- Friday
8:00-10:30 PM ET

paid in full

$648.50 a month
for 2 months

Registration Opens February 4, 2019