life coach training in Atlanta Georgia

Life Coach Training in Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey?

Welcome to Universal Coach Institute’s Life Coach Training Program in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our life coach training program is designed to help you unlock your full potential, make a positive impact on others, and build a fulfilling career as a Certified Life Coach.


Program Title: Life Coach Training Atlanta, GA

ICF hours: Earn 30 coach-specific training hours for use with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) personal accrediting portfolio applications.


Certifications Upon Graduation:
Certified Life Coach
Certified Transformational Coach

Certified Solution Focused Coach

Life Coach Certificate - Universal Coach Institute
Solution-Focused Coach Certificate - Universal Coach Institute
Transformational Coach Certificate - Universal Coach Institute

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Receive your life coach training in Atlanta, GA, with quality training instruction
  • Become a Certified Life Coach and learn how to start a coaching business
  • Receive quality interactive coaching program with instructor and peer support
  • Get your credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF) -or-
  • Renew your credentials with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Program topics: Unlock the secrets to successful coaching! Gain expert knowledge in all areas of coaching including coaching techniques, client engagement, goal attainment, and more. Ask unlimited questions and discover valuable insights on marketing yourself, building a powerful website, and pricing your services. Level up your coaching skills and transform lives with our comprehensive lessons.

Why Choose Universal Coach Institute:

  • Interactive and comprehensive life coach training curriculum.
  • Earn 3 coach certifications.
  • Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
  • Student resources to help you grow your business
  • Our instructor, Ayisha Amatullah, is a leader in life coaching.

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Life Coach Training  + Solution-Focused Coach Training

(ICF Core Competencies)

The Coach Training Foundation Course teaches you the basics of coaching. It includes three modules. The Introduction to Coaching, Coaching Skills, and Coaching (learning how to conduct a coaching session).

Students will learn an essential and effective coaching model to help clients get from where they are now to where they want to be.

At the end of this coach training course, students will be able to coach individuals in life, business, relationships, health and wellness, and many more.

  1. Introduction to Coaching
  2. Understanding the ICF
  3. Getting Started as a Coach
  4. Being Ethical and Professional While Coaching
  5. 10-step Solution-Focused model of coaching.
  6. Students will learn how to – Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem
  7. Students will learn and practice how to encourage solution talk during the coaching conversation.
  8. Learn and practice how to assist their clients in creating a detailed vision using the “Miracle Question” of Solution Focused Coaching.
  9. Learn and practice what to listen for throughout the coaching session to help clients find solutions to their problems.
  10. Learn and practice finding solutions through what’s already working and how they got to where they are currently.
  11. Students will have an understanding and practice how to affirm, acknowledge, and empower their Client throughout the coaching session.
  12. Learn and practice how to assist Clients set goals, create action steps, overcome possible obstacles and create commitment.
  13. Learn and practice the steps taken to conduct a follow-up session.


Transformational Coach Training

  1. Introduction to Transformational Coaching
  2. Assisting Clients to Obtain Positive Outcomes
  3. Discovering What Your Client Really Wants
  4. Limiting Beliefs – “Expelling Limiting Beliefs and Creating New Empowering Beliefs”
  5. Self-Esteem – “Coaching Clients to Build Their Self-Esteem”
  6. Strengths – “The Art of Working with Strengths to Achieve Success”
  7. Personal Interests – “The Art of Working with Personal Interests to Achieve Success”
  8. Values – “The Art of Working with Values to Achieve Success”
  9. Purpose – “Coaching Clients to Discover Purpose in Life and Live Life to the
  10. Fullest”
    Passion – “Coaching Clients to Discover Their Passion and Live Their Dreams”
  11. Emotional Maturity
  12. Emotions – “Getting Negative Emotions (e.g. Anxiety, Anger, Fear, etc.) Under Control Once and For All.”
  13. Happiness – “Coaching Clients to Increase Their Happiness for the Long Term”
  14. Coaching Clients to Quit Bad Habits and Get Rid of Undesirable Behaviors.
    Transformational Review



You will also have access to the Life Coach Training Student Center, which is packed with more coaching tools, tips, and resources.

  • How to Group Coach
  • Coaching in Seminars and Workshops
    Starting and Setting Up Your Coaching Practice
  • Marketing Your Coaching Practice
  • Tools, Forms, and Exercises
  • Library packed with books, audios, and videos
  • Community of Coaches


Coach Starter Kit

  • Client Agreement Form
  • Policies and Procedures Form
  • Background Questionnaire Form
  • Sample Welcome Letter
  • Individual Coaching Plan Form
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning Form
  • Marketing Survey
  • Master Coaching Business(TM) Plan Simple Template
  • Life Coach Marketing Plan Prep


A Bundle of Tools:

  • Life Satisfaction Rating Table
  • Identifying and Creating Your Self-Concept
  • Creating a Strong Foundation
    and Much More.


Next Class:

Summer 2024

Life Coach Training Atlanta, GA

Only 4 Cohorts

1- Week of Training

Mondays – Fridays
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Current students and graduates contact us for your discount before you register.

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