Self Discovery Coaching Model

self-discovery coaching model
L.I.F.E. Self Discovery Coaching Model by Anita C. Powell, Dream Weaver

L. I. F. E.

(Love Imagination Faith Expression)

Coaching Model by Anita C. Powell

The most important lessons we can teach ourselves are who we truly are, what we are here to do and how we are to do it.  As important as these lessons are, many of us are unfamiliar with the road in which we travel, what we are here to do, who we are and these lessons may go unrealized a lifetime.

The following model has been created and adopted by the Engai Creative Thought Academy.  This model can help us achieve gained Wisdom of ourselves, affording us the opportunity to pursue our purpose, understand our uniqueness and manifest our mission, providing our commitment is sincere.


1)   Components:

  • Clarify our Creativity. We must have a clear intent (vision) of who we are, what we value; our strengths/talents.  Understanding our uniqueness.
  • Validate our Vision. Once the intent is clear, we have to believe with Faith and Trust in our strength and talents, our self efficacy – our valued contribution to this mother earth.  Having a clear intent helps us to validate and believe in our vision.
  • Pursue our Passion. Our passion is defined by the things we feel are important to us, as well as those things we love to do.  Clarifying our creativity and validating our vision helps us to define our passion. Discovering our desires, while defining and nurturing our needs and values.
  • Profess our Purpose. Our purpose is “why” we’re here.  To Be of service to others; our creativity, vision and passion shows us how.
  • Manifest our Mission. Our mission is to be of service.  Having a clear visual of our purpose is the beginning in manifesting our Creative Expression to being of service to ourselves and others.  It’s what we’re To Do, whether on a grand or petite scale.

2)         Tools:

  • Contemplation: Taking definite steps to thinking in the present moment.  No worries of the past nor trepidation of the future.  The ability to think in the present brings energy of freedom, reduces stress and elevates a sense of contentment.
  • Meditation: Listening to our Gentle Voice, our guiding force.  In the quiet is where we find wisdom, solution and peace.
  • Prayer: Trust and faith is essential to experiencing intrinsic freedom and extrinsic manifestation.
  • Declaration: So it is written, so it is done.  A declaration makes a powerful statement from the mind, to the hand (to paper) and from the mouth. Calling it into existence.  What the mind believes will achieve.  I AM, I WILL, I CAN

Nurturing, discovering and understanding ourselves opens an awareness to clarifying our creativity and manifesting our mission living a lifestyle in harmony.

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Anita C. Powell
Dream Weaver
Master L.I.F.E. Coach, UCI

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