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Spotlight: Heather Englehart – Her Client Went From Low Self-Esteem To Loving Herself Unconditionally

Life Coach Success Story

I started working with Sara approximately a year ago.  Sara was very “stuck” in a cycle of people-pleasing, self-destruction, low self-esteem, and avoidance.  We first took at look at how she wanted her life to look ultimately, and how she wanted her relationships to look, and initial goals and steps.  We started to delve into a path of discovery, where Sara identified behaviors and responses that were not working for her.

Through life coaching, she was able to come up with an action plan for each of the scenarios that we discussed as to how she could respond differently and to go over options.  We looked at her relationships with her family.  We explored self-love.  We discussed self-destructive habits.  We delved into emotions and feelings that she avoids and her current responses.  We worked on self-esteem enhancement exercises.  Through powerful questions, reflections, goal setting, action planning, coach empowerment, e-mail and phone support, daily journaling, and weekly self-growth exercises and assignments, Sara can now say that she loves herself unconditionally.  That she faces difficult situations with confidence and solid reasoning.  Sara has set up healthy boundaries for her family and relationships and invests wisely in her current, healthy relationships. She has fully embraced the notion that her No, means No, and her Yes, means Yes, which has helped her dramatically in her people-pleasing desire.  All of these improvements are credited to hard work put forth by Sara during her life coaching process this past year.

Sara states that “life coaching has been critical in my self-growth journey, and my new habits and skills attained through the life coaching process have been invaluable to my life satisfaction.  I feel empowered in my personal life, focussed and positive in my professional career, and confident as a woman.  I found myself through life-coaching”

Business Name:  E-Hart Life Coaching Services, LLC- Heather Englehart
Niche:  Certified Life Coach, Youth Services and Family Studies expert, Relationship, Inspirational

Heather has over 18 years experience in traditional social work, life coaching, counseling, and mentoring. She believes that working with a life coach can truly facilitate client growth in their potential, gifts, career, and life purpose. Heather is a passionate advocate for her clients and helps provide a path for them to change quickly and provides support, guidance and partnership throughout the process.

Heather is a Certified Life Coach, and attended Michigan State University and Saginaw Valley State University and has a degree in Social Work with an emphasis on Youth Services and Family Studies. Heather offers individual coaching sessions throughout the United States via in-person (when applicable), telephone, or Skype sessions. Heather has extensive experience working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

When you hire Heather as your Life Coach, you have joined with an ally and partner every step of the way. She is compassionate, empowering, and authentic, and helps you to experience positive transformation and fulfillment and live your best life.

Heather resides in Midland, Michigan with her husband, two daughters, two step-sons, and two loyal dogs. She is an avid reader, and enjoys interior decorating, gardening, DIY projects, and rollerblading. Heather is an experienced blogger and frequently writes pieces on parenting, relationships, and divorce recovery.

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