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Project: My Life
Coaching Tools

Help Your Clients Rewrite and Rework Their Entire Life So They Attain The Success They Want With This Done-For-You Program.

This done-for-you collection of 15 personal development tools was created to assist you in examining life as a whole and making changes where the client then desires.

These tools were designed to be integrated using a combination of psychotherapy, psychology and coaching techniques.

The goal of these materials is to use reflection and examination to determine what changes need to be made and where.

Just add your coaching insights, rebrand it, create a coaching program or seminar/workshop and sell for 100% profit!

You will coach using tools that focus on helping your clients:

Create and achieve goals they never thought they you would be able to achieve

Create a strong personal foundation

Create and become their ideal self

Build beneficial and lasting relationships

Live by their true values

Design and live in their ideal home

Dispell limiting beliefs

Get rid of life drainers

Release stress

Let go of the past

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What You Get

15 Tools For Your Coaching Program

These tools cover every area of the life change process. Including creating a strong personal foundation and identifying and creating the ideal self.

A Layout for a 10 Week Program

We’ve laid out the tools and show you how you can use them to create a 10-week coaching program.

Sales Copy

Professional and prewritten copy for your website to convert sales.

Lead Magnet / Freebie to Generate Leads

Use the lead magnet to generate leads and convert sales. “Life Hack: Creating A Better You!” The contents in this guide can be used as a free guide, e-course, webinar, or individual lead magnets. 

Marketing Materials

Done-For-You: 10 blog posts, 20 social media images, and 5 promotional emails.