Universal Coach Institute – Reviews and Testimonials

We value our students and graduates.  We continually work to ensure every student has a positive experience with our school. Read some reviews and testimonials from recent graduates of Universal Coach Institute.

“My Life Coaching course with UCI was a learning experience. I achieved my goal to be a life coach. The course also changed the way I think, act, talk to people, and view the world around me. Thank you Coach Ayisha and staff.”

Dominic Nocitio, CLC, August 2014 www.qisland.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Coach Ayisha at UCI. Not only was she easy to learn from and professional, but she was very down to earth. I learned more from my studies at UCi than I did during other certification courses. I also want to highlight the fact that she was AVAILABLE when I needed to reach out to her. She answered any questions and resolved any issues IMMEDIATELY. Although I was thrilled about graduating, I was also a little sad to see the courses end. I have a blast learning and applying all that was discussed in classes and group coaching calls. I am interested in hearing about any courses available to continue education with UCI and Coach Ayisha. When friends and clients ask my recommendations for education in the field of coaching, UCI is my answer!”

Cherise Wesson, CLC, CTC, CSFC, August 2014 www.ellavatelife.com

“I’m a recent graduate of UCI completing the Transformational and Solution Focused Coaching Programs. I am incredibly pleased with the tools and resources that were provided as well as the content of the material during the course. The information we received was made relevant and practical for the work that I would like to do as a Life Coach. This training has helped to increase my level of engagement, passion and excitement for what’s next in my journey. I now feel I have exactly what I need to go forward with launching my own business! Thank you Coach Ayisha for your time, dedication and expertise in leading us through this program!”

Shanel Smith-Williams, CLC, CTC, CSFC, July 2014

“Coach Ayisha – I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful courses you have created to develop coaches. The information is presented in a down-to-earth understandable format while guiding the future coach in how to work clients to assist them in doing their best. I loved the assignments and learned as much about myself as I did about coaching! The final exam of a coaching session was also great. It allowed me to put what I had learned into practice, and witness the result for myself (as well as getting your feedback). In addition to your coaching courses, your bonus on building a coaching practice/business is awesome. I have spent a considerable amount of money on other books that talked about this same topic, and I was never able to really “get” what I needed to do. You walk your learners through the process step-by-step. This resource is worth at least as much as the cost of the courses themselves. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and for the fact that you are clearly doing what you were meant to do.”

Most Sincerely – Katie Hannahs, CLC, CTC, CSFC, Ohio, USA, July 2014

“I truly enjoyed my Life Coach and Transitional Coach Training online programs with Universal Coach Institute. They really made the online training very easy to follow and absorb, had very complete information and they made the training a lot of fun in its structure and content. Coach Ayisha was always available to answer any questions I had and made the process of training, learning and certification very smooth and timely. I look forward to taking more certification courses with Universal Coach Institute and recommend them to anyone looking for thorough coach training, business building techniques and resources, home study coaching courses and certifications. I have earned my Certified Life Coach Certification and Certified Transitional Life Coach Certification through Universal Coach Institute and I am now looking forward to my Business Coaching Certification Program with them also. I highly recommend and commend Coach Ayisha and her Universal Coach Institute Team for offering these wonderful programs and certification training. Right on!”

Jade Le CLC, CTC Los Angeles, CA, June 2014  www.jadeinspiration.com

“Once upon a time, I signed up for some courses at a place called the Universal Coach Institute… At the time, I wasn’t all that sure what coaching was, exactly, or what it entailed, but I had hoped that it would “play well” with the other modalities I offer in my practice, which include licensed therapeutic massage, medical massage and several of Access Consciousness’ energy work and coaching processes. I had no idea that such a small school could stretch and challenge me as much as this one has, or that I could come out the other end of the process (or, at least, this initial stage of it) with so many tools for helping myself and those around me to overcome so many obstacles! As a guy whose 50+ year life has largely been built around the theme of developing or discovering new ways to overcome geneticaly inherited or outwardly-imposed obstacles and/or self-limiting beliefs, en route to birthing new forms of creative expression, I count mysef as extremely fortunate for having stumbled upon Coach Ayisha Amatullah and the Coach training programs she has developed. My life is vastly richer for the experience — and, even better still, so will the lives of those I come in contact with, from here on out! Bravissima, Ayisha!!”

Appreciatively, Douglas Turet, BF, LMT, MMP, CLC, SFC, GJ Director, Massage Horizons & Design Your Tomorrows Stoughton, MA, June 2014

“The Universal Coach Center Institute is one of the best places I have ever taken classes at! I attended the Life Coaching Certification course this past month and it was jammed packed with valuable information. I learned a lot about the coaching process and how to actually coach clients. The class was hands on and this enhanced our opportunity to learn. Our instructor; Coach Ayisha explained class material in detail and gave us plenty of useful information to help us along the way. She answered our questions clearly and concisely and did not move on until we all had an understanding of what she just taught. I recommend the Universal Coach Center Institute to anyone who wants to be a successful, knowledgeable Life Coach. The Universal Coach Center Institute will make sure you are the best Life Coach you can be. I look forward to taking all of the available classes in the future!”

Shakira Coleman, CLC, CSFC, January 2014  http://coachshai.wordpress.com/

“UCI really gave me the tools I needed to become a successful life coach. I really enjoyed working with the instructor. My confidence in myself as a coach has really increased because of the class – and it was only a 20 hour class!”

Lynne Maisel, CLC, CSFC, January 2014

“I want to thank you for all your coaching expertise and your generosity in giving us so many materials related to our coaching skills and to our growth as coaches. As I mentioned on the phone, I have learned so much from you and my confidence to do one-on-one coaching has gone from 0 to 9 (some room for growth), really. I am so jazzed now about shifting careers and already I like what coaching promises. I appreciated your feedback after my evaluation. It, too, gave me confidence.”

Carole Milan Danis, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) Seattle, WA 98133 www.lightingthewaycounseling.com