Universal Coach Institute Reviews and Testimonials

We value our students and graduates.  We continually work to ensure every student has a positive experience with our school. Read some reviews and testimonials from recent graduates of Universal Coach Institute.

Angie Atkinson
Built a Coaching Empire!

Bruce Dorsey’s
Life Changed!

Mernice Oliver
Has A Thriving Coaching Practice

Nabil El Hady


Samia Zaouia

Written Testimonials

For a few years I had thought about getting my life coach certification. I would look online for opportunities but didn’t commit. Finally this past year I decided to take the plunge and was so excited when I found UCI. I was nervous about embarking on a new journey but the excellent program and Coach Ayisha’s personal attention to the students made it an amazing experience. Now that I have my certification I love the coaching community and how we can celebrate successes, ask questions and push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Thanks to UCI and the coaching community for all your love and support!
Roseann Baisley, http://roseannbaisley.com/
“The UCI Life Coaching program is an excellent platform to understand the basics for life coaching, identify your niche, and start your own life coaching business.  Right from the very first lesson (I selected the home study option), it was very clear that the principles presented in the UCI program are sound principles for understanding the difference between a life coach, consultant, mentor, and therapist.  I am so impressed with UCI because Coach Ayisha has provided a program that encompasses everything that is needed to learn, practice, get certified and start coaching.
Her format is easy to follow, and she provides a coaching community of other professional life coaches to support one another while remaining accessible to her students herself.  I had so many questions, but when I started pursuing the student center I realized the answers were right in the program that she developed.  She provided sample forms, budget sheets, examples on how to create platform materials, etc…she is a Master Coach of coaches, and I NEVER felt alone in my home study program.  Her program is always updated, practical, and relevant for today’s aspiring and professional life coach.”
Tanya Bankston, SST, CLC, Michigan
“The business and life coaching certification training was fantastic.   It was honor to be trained by coach Ayisha.  She is a wealth of knowledge and is committed to my success.  I have a background in training, education and strategic planning.  This training help put it all together.  I really got a lot out of the structure to include goal attainment and action planning of the program. I look forward to starting my coaching business with the confidence that I have the knowledge and passion to make a difference with my future clients.
I thank UCI for the valuable instruction and great support. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in serving in a coaching capacity. The knowledge gained help provide me with foundation to be successful.  They provided great detailed content and practical exercises to help people.”
Stacy LaBarko
“Once I found UCI on the internet, I felt comfortable and confident that this program was a great fit. I chose the online course so I could accomplish the lessons at my own pace. The lessons were thorough and clear, so I was able to finish in a matter of months! Any time I needed assistance, it was there. Plus, the price was just right! I highly recommend UCI to anyone!”
Anthony Catalino
“I would highly recommend UCI to anyone seeking Life Coach Certification.  The Home Study program was in-depth and relevant.  Coach Ayisha clearly has her student’s success as a top priority.  She answered the questions I had (technical in nature) within twenty-four (24) hours.  I’ve taken several home study courses before, but never had an instructor as dedicated as Coach Ayisha is.  Choosing UCI was the right decision for me.”
Deborah Hite, CLC, DHite Coaching, Sherman, TX

“Before I found UCI, I had been patiently waiting to find the right life coach training program. I didn’t want just any ordinary coaching program. I had been searching for several months before I finally found UCI. I knew UCI was the right one because I’ve been in prayer about becoming a transformational leader. UCI offered the Transformational Coach certification. I knew that was God! And I must say, after going through the program and applying the coaching techniques in my own life, I truly have become more self-aware of what I really want to accomplish. UCI not only helped me to achieve becoming a certified life coach but it also paved the way to help me achieve my life goal of become a transformational leader.”

Latonia Price, CLC, CSFC, CTC, Indianapolis, In

“The Universal Coach Institute training has been so valuable to me as a business woman and teacher. I’ve run my own vocational school for the past eight years and work one on one with private clients. In the past I would take the students and clients problems home with me and it really weighed me down. Now I feel empowered to use the tools I learned in this program to assist them in solving their own life challenges and finding healthy solutions. The bonus is I won’t be carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Thank you Coach Ayisha for this valuable gift you have shared. I’ve grown so much and feel certain this is going to grow my business as well.”

Courtney Butler, CLC, CSFC,  www.balanceyogaandwellness.com

“Where do I start? I feel like I had guidance from above in finding Universal Coaching out of alllll the options my research presented. I was truly happy with the experience in every activity. The price was affordable, the lessons were concise and focused and organized in manageable and understandable fashion. I found the group calls very informative. Even the process of how UCI runs itself gave me many examples of how I will run my practice from MailChimp’s drip emails to libraries of material by subject. Video, audio, print, conferencing, blogs…. My experience with UCI was like a microcosm of what working in the coaching industry will be for me. For me it was like on the job training as well as academic learning. Thank you UCI!!!”

Yvette Broder, CLC, Florida

“My experience with Universal Coaching Institute has been amazing! Even when I wasn’t ready to start coaching, Coach Ayisha was so patient with me. But when I was finally ready to take the plunge she was very supportive. There was no other option as far which coaching school I was going to choose except for UCI.  Every time I needed mentoring or needed her to review something for me,  Coach Ayisha was more than available to help.  She answered emails in a timely manner and I received invaluable feedback from her. I’ve learned so much from the course and the materials were very valuable. The mastermind groups that she holds have been amazing as it provides the support that a coach needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend not only UCI for coaches but Coach Ayisha as a coach as well.”

Keisha,  CLC, CTC, Maryland

“The UCI Coach training program has been a life changing experience. The lessons are very detailed and packed with valuable information and skills to help provide top-notch service to my clients. The tools and resources provided are phenomenal. Coach Ayisha and the UCI coaching staff are remarkable! I look forward to taking more lessons through the Universal Coach Institute. “

Anita P., CLC, CTC  Tennessee

“I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed taking the Life Coaching course, and I look forward to taking on more classes to enhance my skills, and knowledge. The best part about this program is that it helps you understand where you are, and who you are. I am now coaching my first client, and I have already booked for my first group coaching session in the beginning of February. I am really stepping out of my own comfort zone and embarking on a new journey that I know will take me very far and I owe it to my instructor Coach Ayisha. Thank you so much for your feedback and also to the other students have reached out to me via email and my coaching buddy Coach Anita Powell who that have encourage me along the way. Best wishes to the newbies! I know you will do a great job!”

Chantinique Langston, CLC, CSFLC, Detroit, MI

“I had a hard time trying to find the right classes/school for getting the Life Coaching Certification and i’m so glad i found Universal Coaching Institute! The content and curriculum were easy to follow and if i had issues, they were answered promptly. Not only was the content/curriculum great, it actually made me feel like i was already a coach! I also like the ease of being able to study at my own time and Universal Coaching Institute offered that for a great price too!”

Christine Marealle-Arhu, Washington

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Life Coach courses with Universal Coach Institute.  I found it to be very informative and thorough. There is also a plethora of resources and bonus material which was a pleasant surprise!  UCI makes Life Coaching very affordable with outstanding quality! “

Coach Carmen Lett. CLC, St. Petersburg, Florida www.wholenesslifecoach.com

“This course was excellent. I throughly enjoy the information provided and felt more at ease knowing I was on my own schedule. The home study course gave me the knowledge to pursue my dreams and farther my career. So excited to have taken this course and recommend it to anyone wanting to be in the life coach group.”

Rebecca Shapiro, CLC

“Coach Ayisha,
I have been a coach for a few years now. When I decided to get certified I wanted a program with the following characteristics;
Online – I work very long hours, online learning works very well for my schedule
Tools and Resources – I wanted a program that provided the certification content, tools and resources to get started, as well as tools and resources I could use to grow my business.
Interaction/Responsiveness via email or a phone call in a timely manner.
Cost Effective – access to additional certifications, and the materials for a life time.
Your program has provided all of this and so much more, the all access pass is worth it. I can continue my training as the need arises because everything I need is right here.”

Gale Algood, MA, CLC, CSFC

“My Life Coaching course with UCI was a learning experience. I achieved my goal to be a life coach. The course also changed the way I think, act, talk to people, and view the world around me. Thank you Coach Ayisha and staff.”

Dominic Nocitio, CLC www.qisland.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Coach Ayisha at UCI. Not only was she easy to learn from and professional, but she was very down to earth. I learned more from my studies at UCi than I did during other certification courses. I also want to highlight the fact that she was AVAILABLE when I needed to reach out to her. She answered any questions and resolved any issues IMMEDIATELY. Although I was thrilled about graduating, I was also a little sad to see the courses end. I have a blast learning and applying all that was discussed in classes and group coaching calls. I am interested in hearing about any courses available to continue education with UCI and Coach Ayisha. When friends and clients ask my recommendations for education in the field of coaching, UCI is my answer!”

Cherise Wesson, CLC, CTC, CSFC www.ellavatelife.com

“I’m a recent graduate of UCI completing the Transformational and Solution Focused Coaching Programs. I am incredibly pleased with the tools and resources that were provided as well as the content of the material during the course. The information we received was made relevant and practical for the work that I would like to do as a Life Coach. This training has helped to increase my level of engagement, passion and excitement for what’s next in my journey. I now feel I have exactly what I need to go forward with launching my own business! Thank you Coach Ayisha for your time, dedication and expertise in leading us through this program!”

Shanel Smith-Williams, CLC, CTC, CSFC,

“Coach Ayisha – I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful courses you have created to develop coaches. The information is presented in a down-to-earth understandable format while guiding the future coach in how to work clients to assist them in doing their best. I loved the assignments and learned as much about myself as I did about coaching! The final exam of a coaching session was also great. It allowed me to put what I had learned into practice, and witness the result for myself (as well as getting your feedback). In addition to your coaching courses, your bonus on building a coaching practice/business is awesome. I have spent a considerable amount of money on other books that talked about this same topic, and I was never able to really “get” what I needed to do. You walk your learners through the process step-by-step. This resource is worth at least as much as the cost of the courses themselves. Thank you again for a wonderful experience and for the fact that you are clearly doing what you were meant to do.”

Most Sincerely – Katie Hannahs, CLC, CTC, CSFC, Ohio

“I truly enjoyed my Life Coach and Transitional Coach Training online programs with Universal Coach Institute. They really made the online training very easy to follow and absorb, had very complete information and they made the training a lot of fun in its structure and content. Coach Ayisha was always available to answer any questions I had and made the process of training, learning and certification very smooth and timely. I look forward to taking more certification courses with Universal Coach Institute and recommend them to anyone looking for thorough coach training, business building techniques and resources, home study coaching courses and certifications. I have earned my Certified Life Coach Certification and Certified Transitional Life Coach Certification through Universal Coach Institute and I am now looking forward to my Business Coaching Certification Program with them also. I highly recommend and commend Coach Ayisha and her Universal Coach Institute Team for offering these wonderful programs and certification training. Right on!”

Jade Le CLC, CTC Los Angeles, CA, www.jadeinspiration.com

“Once upon a time, I signed up for some courses at a place called the Universal Coach Institute… At the time, I wasn’t all that sure what coaching was, exactly, or what it entailed, but I had hoped that it would “play well” with the other modalities I offer in my practice, which include licensed therapeutic massage, medical massage and several of Access Consciousness’ energy work and coaching processes. I had no idea that such a small school could stretch and challenge me as much as this one has, or that I could come out the other end of the process (or, at least, this initial stage of it) with so many tools for helping myself and those around me to overcome so many obstacles! As a guy whose 50+ year life has largely been built around the theme of developing or discovering new ways to overcome geneticaly inherited or outwardly-imposed obstacles and/or self-limiting beliefs, en route to birthing new forms of creative expression, I count mysef as extremely fortunate for having stumbled upon Coach Ayisha Amatullah and the Coach training programs she has developed. My life is vastly richer for the experience — and, even better still, so will the lives of those I come in contact with, from here on out! Bravissima, Ayisha!!”

Appreciatively, Douglas Turet, BF, LMT, MMP, CLC, SFC, GJ Director, Massage Horizons & Design Your Tomorrows Stoughton, MA

“The Universal Coach Center Institute is one of the best places I have ever taken classes at! I attended the Life Coaching Certification course this past month and it was jammed packed with valuable information. I learned a lot about the coaching process and how to actually coach clients. The class was hands on and this enhanced our opportunity to learn. Our instructor; Coach Ayisha explained class material in detail and gave us plenty of useful information to help us along the way. She answered our questions clearly and concisely and did not move on until we all had an understanding of what she just taught. I recommend the Universal Coach Center Institute to anyone who wants to be a successful, knowledgeable Life Coach. The Universal Coach Center Institute will make sure you are the best Life Coach you can be. I look forward to taking all of the available classes in the future!”

Shakira Coleman, CLC, CSFC

“UCI really gave me the tools I needed to become a successful life coach. I really enjoyed working with the instructor. My confidence in myself as a coach has really increased because of the class – and it was only a 20 hour class!”

Lynne Maisel, CLC, CSFC

“I want to thank you for all your coaching expertise and your generosity in giving us so many materials related to our coaching skills and to our growth as coaches. As I mentioned on the phone, I have learned so much from you and my confidence to do one-on-one coaching has gone from 0 to 9 (some room for growth), really. I am so jazzed now about shifting careers and already I like what coaching promises. I appreciated your feedback after my evaluation. It, too, gave me confidence.”

Carole Milan Danis, LICSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) Seattle, WA 98133 www.lightingthewaycounseling.com

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