how to get coaching clients - 3 proven steps to success

How to Get Coaching Clients: 3 Proven Steps for Success

Are you a budding coach struggling to attract and retain clients?

There’s no denying that finding coaching clients can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But what if there were proven strategies that could help you attract the right clients seamlessly?

To get coaching clients, you must demonstrate your value by showcasing results to your target audience.

This can be achieved through testimonials, case studies, and success stories, proving your coaching effectiveness.

This brief introduction only scratches the surface of the comprehensive strategies available.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this topic in our upcoming blog posts.

How to Get Coaching Clients

This post won’t echo the usual advice of leveraging social media, content marketing, or similar tactics.

While these strategies are essential and effective to some degree, they’re no longer the unique keys to success they once were.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses these channels.

The real game-changer, the most potent tool in your arsenal to secure new coaching clients, is showcasing transformational results.

This means demonstrating vividly how your coaching can effect real, sustainable change in your clients’ lives or businesses.

It’s about painting a before-and-after picture that leaves no doubt about the value you bring to the table.

Think about it: what was the last high-dollar purchase you made?

Why did you opt to spend that amount of money?

Most likely, you made that investment because of the results you expected from it.

Like you, your potential clients also want to see how your coaching services will impact their lives or businesses.

Your audience will be attracted to the results.

Whether it’s a transformative life change, a business growth trajectory, or a solution to a long-standing problem, they’re looking for compelling evidence that their investment will yield meaningful results.

Next, we will explore how to communicate these potential outcomes to your prospects effectively.

1. Get Clear on Your Offer

Identifying Your Coaching Niche

The first step in attracting coaching clients is identifying your coaching niche.

Your niche is where your expertise, skills, and passion intersect.

It’s where you have the greatest skill to offer.

This could be life coaching, business coaching, health and wellness coaching, or any other specialized field.

Understanding your niche allows you to target your marketing efforts effectively, reaching individuals who are genuinely interested in your services and are more likely to become your clients.

Remember, trying to appeal to everyone often appeals to no one.

Therefore, the clearer you are about who you seek to serve, the easier it will be to attract those clients.

Identify Your Target Audience and Ideal Client

Defining your target audience is a crucial step to becoming successful in attracting coaching clients.

Your target audience is the group of people who are most likely to benefit from your coaching services.

Consider their age, occupation, life stage, or other relevant characteristics that align with your expertise.

Once you’ve identified your broader target audience, you should focus on your ideal client within this group.

Your ideal client is a member of your target audience who not only needs your coaching services but is also willing and able to invest in them.

By understanding your ideal client’s pains, desires, and motivations, you can tailor your marketing messages to resonate with them and attract them to your coaching services.

Narrow Down Your Focus

Narrowing your focus further is critical to standing out in the saturated coaching market.

By developing a deep understanding of a select group, you can tailor your services to meet their specific needs, making your offering more appealing than a generic approach.

This specialization creates a sense of exclusivity and high value.

This attracts clients willing to invest in a service that promises results specifically catered to their situation.

Furthermore, a well-defined focus allows for more targeted marketing efforts, preventing the waste of money and resources on uninterested audiences.

So, the narrower your focus, the more equipped you are to attract and retain the clients you truly want to work with.

You can choose:

  • Specific Niche, Broad Market, e.g., Self-Esteem Coach for Women
  • Broad Niche, Specific Market, e.g., Life Coach for New Mothers
  • Specific Niche, Specific Market, e.g., Self-Esteem Coach for New Mothers
  • Broad Niche, Broad Market, e.g., Life Coach for Women or Life Coach for All

If you are multi-passionate and want to help in various areas, you may opt not to choose a niche and solely focus on a target market instead. For instance, you could be a:

  • Coach for New Mothers, helping them navigate various aspects of their lives, including business and relationships.
  • Coach for CEOs, assisting them with self-confidence, purpose, and business issues.

Bonus Tip #1 to Attracting Coaching Clients: Leverage Your Experience and Education

As you select your coaching niche and target market, consider where your experience and education lie.

Choosing a niche in which you have personal experience or formal education makes you a more credible and confident coach and enhances your ability to empathize with your clients.

For example, if you have a background in marketing and helped a small business grow its customer base significantly, you could consider becoming a small business marketing coach.

Similarly, if you have previously struggled with self-esteem issues and successfully overcome them, you could choose to become a self-esteem coach.

Demonstrating that you have achieved results in your niche, for yourself or others, adds immense value to your services and increases your appeal to potential clients.

Thus, your personal journey and professional achievements can guide you to your ideal coaching niche and target audience.

Remember, experience and proven results are compelling selling points in the coaching industry.

Find Your Niche With Our Niche Finder Tool

If you’re still finding it challenging to pinpoint your coaching niche or target market, don’t worry!

We have a tool that can help simplify this process for you.

Our Niche Finder tool is designed to guide you in uncovering your unique coaching niche based on your passions, skills, and the market’s needs.

By answering a series of thoughtful questions, you’ll gain clarity on where your expertise can be most valuable and who your ideal clients might be.

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how to get coaching clients

2. Get Your Clients Transformational Results

The true measure of your success as a coach comes from the results your clients achieve.

Delivering transformative, meaningful change is the cornerstone of a lucrative, fulfilling coaching business.

Begin by setting clear, actionable goals with your clients.

Understand their desires, fears, and challenges to develop a personalized plan that propels them toward their aspirations.

Utilize your skills, strategies, and methodologies to guide them through their journey, providing support and accountability at every step.

Remember, your clients invest in your coaching services to seek change in their lives.

Whether it’s career growth, personal development, improved health, or better relationships, they seek your help to transform their situation.

By ensuring your coaching leads to compelling, transformational results, you satisfy your existing clients and attract new ones.

Clients who achieve significant results will likely become your biggest advocates, referring you to their network and boosting your reputation as a successful coach.

Thus, center your coaching practice around the results you can deliver.

Communicate these potential outcomes effectively in your marketing messages, testimonials, and case studies.

Show your prospects that investing in your coaching services means investing in themselves and the meaningful, transformational changes they want to achieve.

This approach will set you apart in the coaching market, helping you attract and retain your desired clients.

How to Get Coaching Clients Transformational Results

Bonus Tip #2 to Attracting Coaching Clients:  Learn How to Mindset Coach

A fundamental aspect that sets successful coaches apart is their ability to help clients conquer their mindset.

Often, clients’ biggest hurdle in their journey toward achieving their goals is their mindset.

As such, honing the ability to coach mindset is a cornerstone of true transformational coaching.

Most people experience setbacks not due to a lack of ability or resources but due to a limiting mindset.

Our beliefs about ourselves, our capabilities, and the world can either propel us forward or keep us stuck.

Consequently, helping clients to reshape their mindset can unlock their true potential, allowing them to make significant strides towards their goals.

This success, in turn, becomes your success.

As your clients achieve breakthrough after breakthrough, they become the living testimonials of your coaching prowess.

Their stories of transformation attract more clients to you, making mindset coaching the key to your clients’ results and the key to growing your coaching practice.

In our Transformational Coach Training Program, we place a strong focus on mindset coaching.

We equip coaches with the tools and strategies to identify and challenge limiting beliefs, cultivate a growth mindset in their clients, and foster positive mental habits.

By incorporating these techniques, you can empower your clients to break free from self-imposed limitations and attain their loftiest objectives.

3. Showcase Transformational Results

When seeking coaching clients, one of the most persuasive tools in your arsenal is demonstrating transformational results.

Clients are drawn to the promise of positive change – they want evidence that your coaching services provide beneficial outcomes.

Begin by taking stock of the results you’ve achieved for yourself and others.

If you’ve made progress in your own life, share your journey. Personal anecdotes and success stories are impactful and relatable marketing tools.

In addition to your story, gather testimonials from past or current clients who have experienced transformation through your coaching.

These testimonials can be a powerful testament to the effectiveness of your coaching services.

Be specific about the results, and provide numbers and statistics where possible.

For example, if you’re a mindset coach and a client increased their revenue by 30% in three months of working with you because they conquered their mindset, highlight this achievement.

By showcasing these transformational results, you can provide a compelling argument for why potential clients should choose your coaching services.

Remember, people don’t buy coaching; they buy results.

Show them what they stand to gain, and you’ll have a much higher chance of converting potential clients into actual ones.

Pro Bono Coaching: A Gateway to Demonstrable Results

If you’re new to the coaching field and lacking in results to showcase, don’t fret.

An effective strategy to gain experience and obtain testimonials is to offer pro bono or discounted coaching services to a select group of clients.

This approach allows you to practically apply and refine your coaching methods while helping your clients achieve their goals.

Engage 1-3 clients in this manner, with an agreement that they would document their progress and results throughout the coaching period.

This agreement ensures you’ll have precise data and feedback to present to potential paying clients later.

Support your pro bono clients wholeheartedly and apply your best coaching strategies to facilitate their success.

This will yield valuable testimonials and allow you to observe the transformation your coaching brings firsthand, thereby boosting your confidence as a coach.

Remember, every successful coaching business starts somewhere, and offering pro bono or discounted coaching can serve as a solid foundation.

It’s a win-win: your clients receive valuable help at no or reduced cost, and you gain real-world experience and quantifiable results to showcase your coaching prowess to future potential clients.

Master the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool in the world of coaching.

It’s not just about sharing relatable anecdotes; it conveys the transformation clients can expect from your coaching services.

When potential clients hear stories of people overcoming similar challenges, they visualize themselves achieving the same success.

That powerful projection can motivate them to engage with your coaching services.

Consider Michael, a previous client who came to you, feeling stuck in his career. He had immense potential but couldn’t muster the confidence to ask for a promotion. Through your coaching sessions, you worked with Michael to identify and overcome his self-doubt. In just six months, Michael found the courage to discuss his career progression with his employer. Now, he holds a managerial position in his organization and has seen a 45% increase in his salary.

Stories like Michael’s demonstrate the transformation your coaching can bring, effectively appealing to prospective clients who identify with his initial struggles.

Remember, your storytelling should focus on the transformation, not just the problem.

Show potential clients that your coaching is a pathway to their personal and professional growth.

Engage them with the power of storytelling, and watch as your client list grows.

Examples of How to Showcase Results to Get Coaching Clients

Leveraging social media and YouTube can significantly increase your visibility and credibility as a coach. Here are some ways you can showcase your transformational results on these platforms:

Social Media

Social media marketing presents a powerful opportunity to reach and engage with potential clients.

These are platforms where people gather to share experiences, acquire knowledge, and connect with others. As a coach, utilizing these platforms allows you to highlight your work, showcase testimonials, share valuable content, and interact directly with your target audience, thus paving the way to attract new coaching clients.

Client Testimonial Posts: Share testimonials as posts, tagging the client if they’re comfortable with it. This not only validates your coaching abilities but also acts as word-of-mouth marketing.

Before-and-After Posts: Visual representation of transformation is powerful. Share your or your client’s (with permission) before-and-after images depicting their journey and progress.

Success Story Videos: A short video narrating a client’s transformation journey can be more engaging than text. It adds a human touch and appeal to the success story.

Live Sessions with Clients: Host live sessions with your clients where they share their experiences and results. These interactions can be powerful tools for demonstrating your coaching effectiveness in real time.

How-To Posts: How-To posts can be a practical and constructive way to showcase the results of your coaching.

For instance, you could create a post titled “How to Save Your Marriage!” which outlines the steps one of your clients took under your coaching to achieve this result. Make sure to back up your post with specific examples, figures, and testimonials from your client. This approach educates your audience about your coaching methodology and provides tangible proof of the results it can produce.

YouTube or Podcast

YouTube and Podcast marketing are powerful tools in the digital era, providing expansive platforms for visibility and engagement. With their widespread reach and accessibility, they serve as excellent mediums to showcase your coaching success stories, share insightful content, and attract potential clients.

Transformational Journey Videos: Create and share videos of your clients’ transformational journey, including consultations, coaching sessions, and testimonials. These videos can serve as a mini-documentary showcasing the value of your coaching.

Interviews with Successful Clients: Regularly feature successful clients on your YouTube channel. Discuss their journey, the challenges they overcame, and how your coaching helped them achieve their goals.

Case Study Videos: Develop comprehensive case studies of your clients’ transformation and share these as explainer videos on YouTube. These detailed analyses add credibility to your coaching narrative.

Live Q&A Sessions: Host live Q&A sessions where potential clients can interact with your successful clients. This provides an authentic platform for prospective clients to understand the transformational journey your coaching promises.

Remember, showcasing results on social media and YouTube isn’t just about self-promotion; it’s about illustrating the potential for change and inspiring others to embark on their own transformation journey.


Attracting coaching clients is a multi-faceted endeavor requiring you to get clear on your offer, get your clients transformational results, and showcase transformational results. Remember, your ability to facilitate positive change in your clients’ lives is your strongest selling point. By applying these strategies, you can build a thriving coaching business that transforms lives and brings you personal fulfillment and professional success. Remember, the key to a flourishing coaching career lies in understanding and addressing your client’s needs, showcasing your ability to facilitate change, and consistently delivering impactful results.

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